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Warranty &
Terms and Conditions


All work is carried out in our fully insured workshop with public liability insurance and is covered by the following warranties for peace of mind;

Warranty periods*

Conversion- From 2023 we now offer a full 2 years warranty on our conversions
Webasto night heater- 3 Years warranty (as we are a Webasto approved fitting & repair centre)
Upgrades/ repairs- 12 Months
New vehicle (vehicle only)- Manufacturer’s warranty
Used vehicle (vehicle only)- 3 months/ 3,000 miles, whichever occurs first (extendable)

*T&Cs apply

Payment schedule

Once you have accepted your quote we will send a booking deposit invoice which will secure your booking slot upon payment. Deposit requirements are according to the following;

Stocked campervan sale

Purchase deposit: £2000 (holds vehicle up to 7 days)
Collection: Balance due

Built-to-order campervan- Customer specific base van & chosen conversion

Purchase deposit: £10,000 (reduced to £5000 if req with pre-approved finance)
Collection: Balance due

Campervan conversion

Booking deposit: £2000
31 Days prior to booked date: £8000
Collection: Balance due

Pop top fitting

Booking deposit: £2000
Collection: Balance due

Awning or heater

Booking deposit: £500 
Collection: Balance due

Other work

Booking deposit: Dependant on quote amount
Collection: Balance due

Warranty terms & conditions

1.) Warranties apply for the periods stated and to the original purchaser/owner only.
2.) Warranty certificates must be produced with any warranty claim and we may ask for photographic ID to confirm the owner.
3.) Conversion warranty commences on the day of manufacture, IE the day of completion- not the scheduled completion day, day of collection or any other, unless we offer otherwise.
4.)The warranty requires that you have a full habitation service and damp test carried out annually on/ before the anniversary of ‘date of manufacture’ to maintain and test all essential equipment and systems. The habitation service/ damp test must be carried out by Lomond Campers or another suitably qualified service centre, subject to being pre-agreed with Lomond Campers.
5.) Any habitation service carried out by another service centre that highlights or recommends repairs, said repairs/ recommendations must be brought to our attention via email within 48 hrs.
6.) Where required, we may ask to see completed and adequate habitation certificates in-keeping with the terms of this warranty.
7.) The warranty covers the habitation element of our conversion including but not limited to: pop top roof, windows, linings, cabinetry, seating, upholstery, electrical systems, gas systems, water systems.
8.)Exclusions: Base vehicle and/or any system or element related to the base vehicle. Exlusion: Alloy wheels, side bars and any other exterior styling accessories (12 months warranty).
9.)Any warranty claim must be brought to our attention within 48 hrs of discovering suspected claim and we will not be liable for any damage/ loss caused by continued use or allowing further time to elapse.
10.) We expect that you will cherish, care for and maintain your new campervan to a high standard. Any damage or wear and tear is not covered by warranty. Mis-use, neglect, user modification, user dismantling or attempted repair of any affected part will void any warranty.
11.) The supplied ‘user guide’ should be followed at all times and any deviation of use from the user guide will void any warranty.​
12.) Water systems must be drained down over winter periods to prevent frost damage. This requires water tanks to be emptied, water system to be run until dry and all taps to be left open. Any frost damage is not covered by warranty.
13.) We shall not be held liable for any injury sustained by mis-use or otherwise.
14.) Where we have fitted a customer supplied part, the customer will be liable for the cost of labour involved in removal/ replacement should their supplied part be incorrect or become faulty.
15.) Any labour, testing or repair carried out by us that is found to be outside the warranty T&C’s will be chargeable to the customer.


Bookings & deposits- your contract with us 

By accepting your quote for work and/ or paying a booking deposit you are entering into a contract with Lomond Campers Ltd.

Your obligations

1.) You must pay any due booking deposits and/ or final balance invoices in full and on/ before the due date. 

2.) You must supply to us the vehicle as booked (if applicable) on the date (and time if applicable) agreed and in a good condition that we can carry out the agreed work. 

We cannot be responsible if your vehicle breaks down, is damaged, is a total loss or any other circumstance that means you can not provide us with the booked vehicle.

3.) If ordering a campervan you must confirm your build/ van order when requested and once you have confirmed its correctness we will not be held responsible for any variations or errors.


Not obliging to (1.) , (2.) or (3.) may delay our material ordering process or available working hours and therefore our ability to complete the work on/by the agreed date. In such circumstances we may have to cancel the booking and we shall bear no responsibility.

Our obligations

We will carry out the work as quoted and/ or as confirmed on your build form. 

We shall do our utmost to complete work by the agreed completion date however we shall not be held liable for being unable to meet the completion date in any way including delays in vehicle deliveries, material deliveries, staff absences etc.

Booking deposits

1.) As we provide a ‘bespoke’ or ‘built to order’ service all booking deposits are non-refundable should you cancel, withdraw or be unable to fulfil your part of the contract for any reason, unless see below (2.)

2.) As our work is ‘bespoke’ or ‘built to order’ then our material and work planning extends often months in advance of your booking slot and therefore it is unlikely we can fill any booking slots and/ or re-use bespoke ordered materials.

Booking deposits may be refunded if we can fully cover the working hours scheduled with a new booking as well as re-use or return all of the materials ordered for your booking. If the outstanding cost to us is less than the deposit paid then we will partially refund the remaining deposit, less any incurred costs. Where we incur costs IE return postage costs on ordered materials for your booked work or lost working hours, then we will deduct this from any deposit before refunding any due.

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